About us


GuideU is about passion, compassion and excellence! Passion for high-performing fun-having teams, product development, innovation, high-tech, lean, agile, systems thinking, DevOps. Compassion for people and organizational needs, even if that’s different to what is wanted. A strive for excellence in all we do, whether it be training, coaching, or interim. That’s what keeps us going!

A closer look at the GuideU logo reveals a compass, balanced scales, and a floating balloon. The compass provides the necessary direction no matter which way we are facing for instance when taking a slight but required detour (lean and agile). The balanced scales indicate the need for keeping the balance in the unavoidable trade-offs that have to be made sometimes (systems thinking). The drifting balloon shows that we always aim to let go. We see it as our mission to make ourselves obsolete by building the necessary competences (knowledge, insight, skills, mindset).


GuideU is currently a one-man mission.

Patrick Verbruggen

I’m a Lean-agile coach helping organizations in gaining speed, innovation and agility. I have more than 25 years’ experience in complex systems development and a background in both hardware (Mechatronics) and software.

With a passion for innovation and the Lean-Agile mindset, I believe in a world where people work together with passion and fun on the next challenging cool thing they truly believe in. I do this by finding new and creative ways to help organizations continuously improve on their journey and provide them support, insights, practices and tools through training, coaching and workshops. I’m the founding father and main contributor of FlashDev™, a framework for agile hardware development.