FlashDev™ Agile Hardware Training

FlashDev Agile Hardware training

WHY THIS TRAINING? To keep up with the new fast changing and complex world of product development, one needs to not only be lean and agile for software, but just as much for hardware. This training provides the knowledge, insights, skills, and required mindset needed to lead or practice agile hardware. The training is based on the FlashDev™ framework for agile hardware. It is highly interactive with a well-balanced mix of theory and practice, and presented by a trainer with hands-on experience.

IS IT FOR ME? Is your organization considering, starting or already on its way to develop hardware using agile? Are you in any way involved in that, but have limited knowledge on the topic? Then this would be the training for you.

HOW LONG IS IT? 2 consecutive days (9:00 - 17:00).

WHEN AND WHERE? For groups (8 or more), we can find a suitable date/location together. For individuals, please check the events tab for any scheduled trainings.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? For groups (8 or more) price depends on group size and location. Please contact us so we can work something out. For individuals, prices start at €800 for 2 days.

ANY PREPARATION REQUIRED? It would help a lot if you already have some basic understanding of agile and Scrum. We encourage you to have a look at the FlashDev website and read some of the articles by clicking the interactive icons on it. And of course, please already think about your own learning goals.

DO I GET CERTIFIED? At the end of the training, you receive the FlashDev™ Practitioner certificate (Agile Hardware Foundation) which is included in the price. See a certification example here.

  • FlashDev framework: what is it and how does it serve agile hardware?
  • Goal: why agile hardware? How much / what are the trade-offs?
  • Flow: how to create a flow of hardware value?
  • Virtual: How to architecture and design for agile hardware? Why and how to use model based engineering and digital twin?
  • Physical: How to do rapid prototyping and testing? Why and how to do agile manufacturing?
  • Organization: What drives an agile hardware team? What are the lessons learned and tips for Scrum for hardware? What dependencies are there and how to deal with them? In more detail: DevOps, Compliance, Suppliers
  • Foundation: On top of Lean, Agile, Systems thinking, what basic attitude is needed for agile hardware?
  • The journey: how to build an agile hardware organization according FlashDev? What challenges to challenge?
  • Parking lot: Timeslot to discuss topics brought in by participants

For groups (>8), we can schedule a training date and location that suits you. For individuals, please contact us so we can check for the next available option.